POONPHOL GROUP’s success in the business spanning more than seven decades could not have happened without patience, perseverance and determination of the founder and devotion of all staff.

It is with great pride that the company contributes to the country’s social and economic development, especially in the agriculture sector. The company has embraced advanced technology to add value to a number of agricultural products. The SMS Group’s Research Center succeeded in inventing innovative starches that benefit the production development in diverse industries. The innovative starches help reduce natural resource consumption and operational costs.

In addition, The Group is endowed with extensive experience and expertise in different businesses, including property, construction, warehouse and logistics, thereby offering complete service and products to diverse target groups.

Most importantly, The Group always holds on to business ethics, accountability and transparency. Consequently, The Group is highly trusted by customers and partners alike. This is the major factor that helps The Group grow strong and sustainably going forwards. The Group also lays great importance on product and service development, as well as people development.

With the aforementioned elements, I am confident that The Group will unshakably maintain its leadership in the business. And, with the emergence of Asia as the world’s rising economic continent, The Group is ready to be the leader in Asia with consistent development of our capacity in all aspects. It is with great pride that The Group can contribute to the region’s economic development.

On behalf of POONPHOL GROUP, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our clients, partners, other allied organizations and our staff for positive support and effort.