Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Products Co., Ltd.
Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 1974 with an intention to develop the vegetable oil and feed ingredient industries, which play a vital role in propelling the country’s economy. The company is a leading manufacturer of quality cooking oil under our own brand “Cook”. The brand won the Superbrand Awards for 8 consecutive years (2013-2020). Our current cooking oil products are soybean oil, sunflower oil, and canola oil, as well as soybean meal which is used as feed ingredient for livestock including co-products from soybean, such as lecithin to be distributed for both domestic and overseas market.
The company realizes an importance in the environment concern by implementing the environmentally friendly business operation in each production process. As a result, it is the first and only one vegetable oil manufacturer received the Green Industry Level 5: Green Network certification which is the highest level of Green Industry Award.
Sitthinan Co., Ltd.
We are the leading company in manufacturing and marketing premium quality products of mung bean vermicelli, mung bean starch, and tapioca starch under the brand name Ton Son, Ton Tua, Ton Pai, Ton Sai and Ton Kaew.
“Ton Son”, the no.1 trusted brand among Thai consumers. Good for health with Non-GMO, Low GI and Gluten Free
SMS Group
SMS Group established in 1985, a global leading manufacturer of specialty modified tapioca starch for various industries including food, paper, adhesive, textile, construction, health care, personal care, bioplastics, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals.