POONPHOL GROUP of Companies has more than the 10 affiliates, that can be categorized in five main business lines as follows:

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Poon Phol Co., Ltd.

Poon Phol Co.,Ltd., a parent company of POONPHOL GROUP. The main business is trading agricultural produce and expand the business into different industries. Poon Phol is well-recognized for excellent products and services that meet international standards and expertise in the business more than 80 years ago.

Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Product Co., Ltd.

Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 1974 with an intention to develop the vegetable oil and feed ingredient industries, which play a vital role in propelling the country’s economy. The company is a leading manufacturer of quality cooking oil under our own brand “Cook”. The brand won the Superbrand Awards for 8 consecutive years (2013-2020). Our current cooking oil products are soybean oil, sunflower oil, and canola oil, as well as soybean meal which is used as feed ingredient for livestock including co-products from soybean, such as lecithin to be distributed for both domestic and overseas market.

Sitthinan Co., Ltd.

We are the leading company in manufacturing and marketing premium quality products of mung bean vermicelli, mung bean starch, and tapioca starch under the brand name Ton Son, Ton Tua, Ton Pai, Ton Sai and Ton Kaew.

“Ton Son”, the no.1 trusted brand among Thai consumers. Good for health with Non-GMO, Low GI and Gluten Free

SMS Group

SMS Group established in 1985, a global leading manufacturer of specialty modified tapioca starch for various industries including food, paper, adhesive, textile, construction, health care, personal care, bioplastics, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals.

C.E.S. Co., Ltd.

C.E.S. is from Construction and Engineering Services Co., Ltd. which is a former name of the company when it was established on 10 August 1964. C.E.S. is a contractor company that has run various types of contractor business such as high-rise building, hotel, department store, factory, warehouse and Extension & Renovation works.

Rangsit Plaza Co., Ltd.

Rangsit Plaza Co.,Ltd. is a retail developer and property manager. We manages Future Park and Zpell shopping center. A huge and comprehensive department store of North Bangkok and high quality anchors tenants more than 1,000 tenants and visitors more than 180,000 people/days.

Rangsit Ruam Patana Co., Ltd.

Rangsit Ruam Pattana Co., Ltd., offers the space management and development service for public use, Including fresh produce market and apartments, together with the management service in compliance with the relating laws and standards. The company focuses on building good relations with tenants and customers.

Pipatanasin Co., Ltd.

Pipatanasin Co.,Ltd. founded in 1970, an affiliate company of PoonPhol Group. We have grown into a real estate development company which focuses in office building, hotel, residential for rent and land development in Bangkok & Major cities upcountry.


STMS is a leading provider of comprehensive and professional property management services. With an established track record of excellence, we provide a complete range of property services to our clients, ranging from building management, maintenance and engineering, cleaning, gardening, property agency services. Our clients include commercial and residential buildings, retail plazas, hotels and government institutions/embassies.

Poonpipat Co., Ltd.

Poon Pipat Co.,Ltd. was established more than 50 years ago as a wholly-owned industrial real estate developer. We have strategic located warehouses in and around the greater Bangkok area with full service warehousing and logistic services. We are focused on reducing cost, increasing satisfaction. Therefore Poon Pipat is your warehousing solution.

Poon Udom Co., Ltd.

Poon Udom Co., Ltd., is a trading company of agricultural produce as the raw materials for animal feed product. The company is committed to satisfying customers with our precise and on-time delivery. A wide network of our logistic service also guarantees more convenience, as well as punctual delivery.

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